Maths Olympiad Results

Maths Olympiad Results 2016-17

DPGA – Maths Olympiad Examination Results: 2016-17

NameGradeMarks ObtainedSchool RankInternational RankQualify for Level 2Awards Won
Netra Manish Mehta3371129YesSchool Gold Medal + Participation Cert.
Aayushi Sanjay Jain33321064YesSchool Silver Medal + Participation Cert.
Dhir Kalpesh Gandhi33321064YesSchool Silver Medal + Participation Cert.
Shivan Krishnan Iyer33131801NoSchool Bronze Medal + Participation Cert.
Aaron Rodrigues43311146YesSchool Gold Medal + Participation Cert.
Ria Harshad Ghude42922992NoSchool Silver Medal + Participation Cert.
Veer Sandeep Sanghavi42833613NoSchool Bronze Medal + Participation Cert.
Dhruva T. Shah54412770YesSchool Gold Medal + Participation Cert.
Utso Chaudhuri54123882NoSchool Silver Medal + Participation Cert.
Soham Prakash Vazirani53835791NoSchool Bronze Medal + Participation Cert.
Swastick Vishal Paliwal64612492YesSchool Gold Medal + Participation Cert.
Soham Samir Seksaria64622760YesSchool Silver Medal + Participation Cert.
D. Shamita63936914NoSchool Bronze Medal + Participation Cert.
Nnisarg Haresh Gada7541655YesSchool Gold Medal + Participation Cert.

2nd Level Exam will be held on Sunday 12th February, 2017. Exact Time and Venue will be shared by end January 2017.

Criteria for Qualifying for the 2nd Level:

  • Top 5% students, class wise, who appeared in the 1st Level 10th IMO or
  • Top 25 Rank Holders Zonewise & Classwise or
  • Class Topper, where 10 or more students from a class appeared for IMO and Scored 50% or more marks and Section Topper with 25 or more students and scoring 50% or more marks.
Maths Olympiad Results 2014-15

We are proud of the following achievers, who have acquired distinctive positions at the recently held Maths Olympiad Examinations. A few students have also qualified for the 2nd round to be held shortly (*).

The following table shows the medals winners.

Name of the StudentGradeAwards
Shah Dhruva Tejas *3Gold Medal + Participation Certificate
Bhavsar Bhavyaa Nirmal3Silver Medal + Participation Certificate
Fussey Anshul Sunil3Bronze Medal + Participation
Name of the StudentGradeAwards
Vaidya Niharika *4Gold Medal + Participation Certificate
Seksaria Soham4Silver Medal + Participation Certificate
Jain Kashish S4Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate
Name of the StudentGradeAwards
Gada Nnisarg *5Gold Medal + Participation Certificate
Purohit Juhi S5Silver Medal + Participation Certificate
Patel Vansh5Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate
Name of the StudentGradeAwards
Sawant Harsh*6Gold Medal + Participation Certificate
Sabharwal Juhi P6Silver Medal + Participation Certificate
Sawant Vedant V6Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate
Name of the StudentGradeAwards
Vartikar Pranav S9Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

Students Selected for Round 2 are as follows

Shah Dhruva Tejas *3
Vaidya Niharika *4
Gada Nnisarg *5
Sawant Harsh *6

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