Food Fest

Food Fest 2015-2016

If you thought that only ‘Love’ made the world go around, yesterday, at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, it was ‘love and food’ that made it happen. We conducted the ‘Food Fest’ 2015-2016 on the 6th November, 2015.

The children and staff put together an animal themed, food festival. All the four houses namely Red, Green, Yellow and Blue participated. The Blue house took on the smart blue dolphin as their mascot, The Red house held on to the red rose, China Town was the banner over the Green house and the Royal Taj adorned the Yellow house.

The 4 groups made varied and healthy vegetarian items like mayosandwiches, chaat, bhel, samosas, choco treats, falooda and drinks like tangy lemon, tea and coffee. There was also a Jain variety to be enjoyed. There was both excitement and a childlike frenzy to get the dishes prepared and served as soon as orders were placed. Everyone was eager to please and the little children and their parents,who were our valued customers, relished it all.

Once the kids were done and their tummies were full, they headed to get tattoos painted on their hands or their faces. Our talented teachers did the painting. The paint was specially selected to suit the kid’s sensitive skin. Each child could sport a lovely animal face or silhouette. There were some interesting games as well for the kids that they thoroughly enjoyed. Exotic Diyas painted and decorated by the students were put on sale. Parents also appreciated the lanterns made by students as a house competition activity. The proceeds of this event will be utilized for the old age homes and for underprivileged children as every year, as a part of the CAS activity.

The entire afternoon was a joyful one. It was wonderful to see the parents eager to take part in the fun and festivities along with their kids. It was a time of bonding as well for both as the children showed off their school and talents to their proud parents. Dr. Pillai Global Academy strives to achieve an essential balance in the relationship between students, teachers and parents with the many activities conducted. Within a structured setting, these activities encourage kids to be successful both socially and emotionally.

Good food and great company makes a positive change in all our lives. See you at next year’s yummy ‘Food Fest’ 2016-2017.

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