World Environment Week

World Environment Day 2017

Environment Week 2016

Dr. Pillai Global Academy, Borivali celebrated Environment Week from 27th June to 1st July, 2016. The theme ‘Go Green’ resonated throughout the week. The students carried out various activities related to saving the environment.

Students from all sections were engaged in various activities in order to make this event a grand success.

Day 1:
27th June, 2016
Slogan Writing

A few of the best slogans were:

“Green Revolution is the best solution to stop Pollution”

“Save the trees, Save the Earth, we are the guardians of Nature`s Birth”

Day 2:
28th June, 2016
Plantation Drive in individual classrooms. Students brought containers, soil, germinated seeds and created a mini nursery in their classrooms.

Day 3:
29th June, 2016
Best out of waste activity:

Students` creativity was on display! Using waste material, useful articles were created.

Students used candy sticks, Plastic Bottles, Newspapers, Thermocol Glasses, and Empty cardboard Carton etc., to make beautiful and useful articles.

Day 4:
30th June, 2016
Art and craft activity: students made Bookmarks, Wall hangings, Creative writing etc.

Secondary and higher secondary students wrote articles, poems, essays, riddles related to the environment.

Day 5:
1st July, 2016
“Go Green” Every student including the staff was dressed in Green Attire.

This week culminated with the ‘tree plantation’ in the school compound.

A cheerful photography session of the students brought to end this enthusiastic and memorable week.

This event was great opportunity to sensitize the students towards our environment.

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