Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children at DPGA Borivali, were excited as the announcement for the celebration of children’s day came about. While the lower Primary joined the Early years at the celebrations in the school, the others preferred connecting to the universal energy through a visit to the Global Upasana Centre, Pagoda by the Gorai creek.

Learning here took place at a very different level, with the different ways and techniques of guided meditation that complimented the ones that take place in school. Such learning not only aids in strengthening the mind but also expands the intellect. Learning about the origin of the Buddhist culture and its roots in India and its widespread expanse all over world, attracted the students’ attention leaving them spellbound, especially, where the glory of India was concerned.

This was followed by a pot-party in the school and a movie show. The younger students enjoyed participation in the take-away activities like photo frames, greeting cards, hats etc. The moon-walker and the other games added to the fun and joy of these students.

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