X-ub-erance VIII

X-8 an exhilarating majestic and a dazzling event held every year at DPGA. This exquisite and a marvellously magnificent event saw a plethora of opportunities for students of about a dozen plus schools from all over Mumbai and Maharashtra.

This extravagant event that helps brings out the true potential of the students, is a platform for them to showcase their skills and abilities in front of a large crowd.

The event consists of different categories, a few of which this year were Rock band, duet singing, veg / fruit carving in addition to every year’s art, dance and fashion show, cooking, language elocutions etc.

While the best team won the prizes, the others said they learnt a lot and that this experience will help them in their lives. They look forward to participating in this event again next year.

Judges panel comprised of renowned names from each field and category. As the judges went by judging each event. They couldn’t help but be awestruck with the grandeur of the infrastructure and the impressive glory of the staff and their organisation. The dress code for the teachers this day was black and black. While one of the visitors couldn’t hold back and asked our Dy. CEO Ms. Sharda Sharma “why black?”, She retorts “my teachers exude so much of love and compassion that they cannot hold back the positive light within them.”

Another judge remarked “the smile on their faces is so genuine and comes from their hearts. You all are so cordial and loving”.

Such and many more remarks written in the visitors’ book reminds us of a very well organised and a successful event.

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