Annual Day

Annual Day 2017

Our school, Dr. Pillai Global Academy celebrated its 11th Annual Day on Saturday, 9th December, 2017.

The ebullient theme, “Mumbai Meri Jaan” captivated everyone’s attention throughout the show.

The dignitaries of the Management were ushered to their seats by a group of students who danced to Lezium beats, followed by the Welcome Song by our very own students. To invoke the blessings of God, our students presented a prayer dance calling upon Goddess Mumba Devi, the patron goddess of our city.

The event commenced by a progressive annual report by our Deputy CEO, Dr. Sharda Sharma.

The event was graced by the Honourable Chief guest Mr. Subhash Lad, the police inspector of our area.

The theme revolved around an alien, E.T., who visited the Mumbai isle and explored the city. The sight of the city left him spellbound and enthralled throughout his journey.

The students of our school put up enthusiastic performances which left an impression in the minds of the parents. Parents appreciation came through loud applauses, hoots, whistles and tears in their eyes for their kids.

Finally, the function concluded with a fiery carnival followed by our National Anthem.

Annual Day 2015-2016

Dr. Pillai Global Academy, Borivali, organized the 5th Annual Day for the students of Primary and Secondary Section on the 5th December, 2015. Its objective was to develop confidence and creativity in the students.

The function commenced at 6:00 p.m. with a welcome to the parents and a 2 minutes silence for the tragedy that hit Chennai. This was followed by the management address with an annual report.

The program started with a welcome dance and song, which was followed by the skit performed by the primary and secondary students. The skit consisted of 8 scenes and the theme was “A journey into Incredible India”. This theme showcased the rich Indian heritage, vibrant culture, tradition, the rural and the urban side, the hospitality and warmth, unity in diversity and togetherness between different religions. It was an attempt to show the warmth in the relations and euphoria in celebrations making the country stand out distinctively in the global fraternity.

There was an array of folk dances from different states and a wonderful fashion show giving a tribute to the great leaders and the living legends. The dances and the fashion show were incorporated into the scenes which made the show enticing and interesting. The program concluded with a grand finale dance and fireworks. Parents, while appreciating the talents, congratulated the school management and its teachers in training the students. The event list continues with the Sports day and Christmas day celebrations towards the end of this year.

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