Social Activities

The Diwali Food Fest held on 6th Nov, 2015 was a charity event and the collection was utilized for donation to Prem Sadan Children’s Home Orphanage in the form of food articles, medicines and other basic necessary items which were required by the Orphanage. Apart from this, the Community Service department will also provide medical equipment and basic needs for the Senior Citizens during the Community Service Day – Uberang. Uberang is an annual event conducted by the Soroptomist organization of Mahatma Education Society group of institutions.

Community Service Department – Social Activities

Dear Parent,
We wish to express heartfelt gratitude to all the parents of DPGA for their donations towards helping the people of Damu Nagar slums devastated by the cylinder blast on 7th Dec, 2015. The community service department and the IB-CAS students of DPGA visited the area, where they helped the victims by giving them food articles such as dal, rice, sugar, biscuits, bed sheets and clothes.
Due to this generous donation, the students were able to not only help the victims in their own small way, but they also got an opportunity to interact and serve the people who were affected. A rest of the food articles that were collected were handed over to the ‘Samast Mahajan’ NGO which was in the vicinity actively engaged in providing them with meals. This activity made the students more caring towards the society and made them realise their responsibility as a citizen of our Nation.

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