Academic Honesty Policy

One of the hallmarks of the IB diploma programme is the premium that the International Baccalaureate places on its Academic Honesty Policy and its uncompromising stance vis-à-vis its implementation by IB authorised schools. DPGA on its part has not only recognised the validity of such a policy, but also the necessity of such a policy being implemented. DPGA seeks to maintain and promote the highest standard of academic integrity amongst its faculty and students.

Assessment Policy

DPGA lays prime importance on the holistic development of its students. Towards this end, the teachers and examiners work in collaboration with the other members of the school community, where ample opportunities are provided to the students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate consolidation of their learning. Assessment of students‘ skills directly influences the curriculum in its design and mapping. It also acts as an aid and guidance towards collaborative planning and other areas in the school.

Language Policy

Dr. Pillai Global Academy is an English medium school, with students for all classes, including the IB Diploma Program coming from different educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. For most, though their mother tongue is Hindi, Gujarati or Marathi, their preferred choice is studying in English medium schools with English as the 1st language. Our language policy seeks to promote the acquisition of verbal and written English fluency skills while allowing students to gain an appreciation of their mother tongue and other languages and cultures.

SEN Policy

In keeping with its philosophy and mission, DPGA strives to make its students in the DP programme active and lifelong participants in their learning. It encourages students to learn from multiple perspectives, through collaborative teaching approaches, aware that such an approach can lead to positive outcomes such as improved academic and social skills, increased self-esteem, and more positive relationships with others. Teachers at DPGA are sensitive towards the shift in focus in addressing students with special educational needs which is now the responsibility of all teachers who form part of the student‟s education.

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